Gillette Stirs Controversy With New Advert Calling For Men To Be Better (Watch)

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Razor Brand, Gillette is in the spotlight of trends following their new advert which has drawn applause and of course, a noticeable number of angers.

You might or might not have seen the advert, depending on your presence on social media but whichever way, we’ve attached the video below in this article.

The razor brand, known to be hyper-masculine, with the tagline “The Best a Man Can Get”, calls for men to be better in the new advert.

The ad depicts all the little ways men are excused of bad behavior right from childhood, and advocates for better.

“Boys will be boys?” the ad asks. “Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior?”

While some have insisted the ad shows men in a bad light, others say the ad is doing something right: asking for better.

The ad has (as at the time of posting this), 585,000+ thumbs down, 224,000+ thumbs up, 18.7 million views.

Check out the ad for yourself…

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