Davido gets criticized for sampling Kanye West and incorporating a choir into his new song.

DMW boss is being criticized for including a choir band in his latest track.

Davido recently revealed his next track will be called #StandStrong on social media. He also took use of the chance to show out a preview of the new song, in which he samples Kanye West and his Sunday service choir.

Nigerians have had mixed reactions to the clip. Some people are thrilled by the style leap, while others believe Davido went too far with the choir performance.

Daniel Regha is among those who are dissatisfied with Davido’s new single. Davido, he claims, disrespected the church by choosing to use the choir because he is a secular artist.

With their songs, Daniel believes that Davido and Kanye West, who sampled Davido’s music, humiliated God and all devout Christians.

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