Royal Northern College of Music supports Ukraine students finacially

A fund has been established by the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) to aid Ukrainian students who have been uprooted by the Russian invasion.

The Manchester Music College will cover tuition, living expenses, English language instruction, and additional support services like counseling.

It stated that it wished to prevent the extinction of a musical generation in Ukraine.

The college noted that another goal was to “offer hope” to aspiring musicians.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, severe shelling is being used against strategic targets.

In addition to paying for housing expenses and price bursaries, RNCM claimed it also wanted to make sure students felt protected and supported.

It further stated that counseling and care for one’s health and welfare will be offered.

‘Opportunity to flourish’

Pianist Ivan Hovorun, alumnus of RNCM, who is from Lviv, said the scheme was “very important for global music culture”.

He said it was vital that a new generation of Ukrainian music students “will have access to the unique facilities, instruments, sources of information, concert platforms and fantastic teachers”.

Manus Carey, RNCM deputy principal, said: “We want to do everything we can to ensure that these young musicians who have been displaced from their training have every opportunity to flourish.

“As part of the international community of musicians it is our aim to give these talented young musicians a sense of hope.”

Speaking about one of the students, Rob Buckland, head of saxophone at RNCM, said: “To be able to provide her with the support to be able to live and study in Manchester, to find the very best in herself, and feel safe and secure in the incredible learning environment that is the RNCM, will mean more to her than she can ever say.”

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