#BBNAIJA I Love ChiChi Deji Reveals How Doyin, Chomzy, and Chichi Are Crushing On Him

Deji said that while Doyin already told him she likes him, he intends to consider Chichi as she has an interesting personality that he would like to explore.

Deji feels pressured to choose one of the three ladies but prefers to take his time before making a choice.

He said Chichi always feels bad whenever he’s with other ladies and will consider her over others. Dotun is interested in Chomzy and Doyin likes him but he has not felt the same way yet.

“Doyin told me she likes me but I don’t feel that way yet. I happen to know that Chichi likes me and she gets annoyed when I talk to other people. I am trying to get to know her better.

I feel like she has an interesting personality that I am not used to. The only reason I won’t go forward with Chomzy is because of Dotun.”

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