Erigga Begs Yahoo Boys About Clothes Price Increase

He cried out, saying it was too much for him to try to live up to the luxurious lifestyle of the Yahoo Boys.

Erigga made the implication that people who choose to pay the exact price that vendors fix their goods, regardless of how excessive, are not helping others by refusing to bargain or barter for the commodities they wish to buy.

He pleaded with Yahoo Boys to try to barter with the vendor rather than just paying the asking price and notably emphasized polo shirts.

The singer vented on his official Twitter account about how scammers are damaging a lot of things in a series of tweets.

Erigga added that someone had charged Yahoo Boys with ensuring true love.

He tweeted;

”Yahoo boys, na beg we dey make una try dey price polo. The pressure don too much 🦦 very lost boys

One person say na still yahoo boys kill true love for lagos, Abeg how true is this ?”

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