BBNaija housemates Ilebaye and Daniella had a heated exchange.

In the BBNaija home, the two got into an argument over a pair of socks.

After their Thursday night task, they got into a furious disagreement about branded socks.

To her colleague’s dismay, Ilebaye had claimed ownership of the pair of socks.

Daniella was seen whining to Bryann on video about how Ilebaye twice raced to take her socks.

Ilebaye would enter the room as Daniella was narrating, at first ignoring her, then subsequently responding to her.

She also erupted after Daniella

The level two house has had the most conflict so far, drifting from one confrontation to another over the past week.

Ilebaye had recently been the subject of discussion after a fight with Bryann.

Their exchange got a bit personal with Bryann dissing Ilebaye’s parents.

The drama started when Ilebaye confronted Bryann for apparently telling a housemate that “they were in a ship”.

Although she didn’t mention the housemate’s name, Bryann insisted that he retracted his statement by telling the person that “I don’t have anything with you”.

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