Controversial crossdresser Bobrisky peels skin


Okuneye Idris, also known online as Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, sparked a huge online uproar when he posted pictures of his “skin peeling.”

The transvestite recently shared photos of his skin-peeling process for more radiant skin. He successfully underwent various cosmetic procedures to change from the dark-skinned Idris to a light-skinned curvy male barbie.

An Instagram follower @ommafashionmall wrote, “You dey peel of the 2nd layer of your skin, you dey tag am dead cell 🤣😂😂🤣… Micheal Jackson no do pass this one… “.

@urluchy, “Kidney problems and skin cancer loading… ashey reptile wey dey change skin”.

@_spirine_olives, “You will remember this times and ask God for forgiveness when the time is right 😂”.

@thommie_baybi, “Affect constant bleaching for years now you peeling of the remain layers of your skin 😢 cancer is that you 😮”.

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