The surprising thing Majid Michael forced Emeka Okoye perform on the set is revealed by him.

He remembered how he had been star-struck and kept missing his lines before the truth hit him.

The plus-sized actor and model posted a flashback clip of himself and Majid Michael on his Instagram page.

He wrote: “Chaiii. Acting with majid Micheal. Over excitement…I  was just looking at his face and was forgetting my lines. Not until I remembered that this was a golden opportunity. Then I went into character but still the young boy was still starstruck acting with Majid Micheal.  No blame me. But if you saw the crowd that attended this audition in zenith hotel asaba that year and I was the first person given a full script and asked to go and start work the next day. You will definitely know that when You experience Gods grace in your hustle. You will know he is a protocol breaker.”

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