Actress Angela Eguavoen, has talked about the need for actors to go N&de in movies.

She stated, “I think that an actress’ body is a canvas,” in an interview with Saturday Beats. Because we are in Nollywood, anyone should be able to do whatever with their body. In Hollywood, many performers have n*de roles.

“That’s why I remarked that I could act n*de in a movie when appropriate. It is not only about being n*ked in any movie; one must also consider whether it will advance the plot or be required for the character being portrayed in order for the narrative to be credible and not artificial. One should have flexibility and devote their entire body to acting like an actress.

When asked about the widely held belief that actresses are more financially buoyant than their male counterparts, she said, “No, I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, actors get better pay than actresses. People think actresses are more financially buoyant because they tend to flaunt their newly acquired cars or houses, which some actors don’t do.”

On how she handles male fans who want to get intimate with her, she said, “I will deal with it like a regular guy asking me out. But, I cannot say ‘yes’ to everybody. If I meet a fan who loves me, has the qualities I want in a man and is willing to support my craft, why won’t I give that person a chance?

“But, if that is not the case, and there is no prospect, I will deal with it like a regular guy trying to ‘shoot his shot’.”


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