Patoranking has opened up one of the many reasons why started music.

He admitted that one of his goals in music was to attract women’s attention.

The musician was reflecting on his early years as a vocalist during an interview with BBC Igbo, a division of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The reggae musician described his upbringing. In his school years, when he was a dancer, he claimed that girls preferred boys who could sing. As a result, he made the decision to get involved in music in an effort to attract girls.

He said:-

“What we see in the industry, where A is pitted against B, is a normal thing. It is meant to be that way. The question is whether you are entertained and happy. Fans of A and fans of B, if you look closely, you would see they are the fans of everyone. It is part of the business.

“I don’t think there is anything I regret. The biggest thing I want to achieve in life is to add value to the lives of over 100,000 of Nigeria’s 200 million people. That would make me happy. It would be my biggest achievement to see that people are living well.”


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